New Furnaces For Vanguard Foundry. 21 November 2005

On the 01 November 2005 we placed an order on Inductotherm Europe Limited for delivery of two, one tonne steel shell induction furnaces complete with 750 KW 500 Hz VIP Power Trak power supply and all ancillary equipment.

Our delivery requirement was 27 January 2006, just three months. The following photographs show our progress to date.

06/01/06 Ground work started, by Caladar Engineering Ltd. with the platform skeleton in place and spillage pits dug.

10/01/06 One of our one tonne furnaces under construction at Inductotherm in Droitwich.

24/01/06 Platform now ready for delivery of equipment from Inductotherm.

29/01/06 Delivered on time and initially placed in position waiting for services to be hooked up.

Commissioning is planned to be completed by 17 February 2006 with the first iron being melted shortly after. Watch this space…

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Vanguard issued a challenge to a number of its customers and suppliers that we could complete more laps in go-carts in two and a half hours than any one else. August 2005

Under starters orders.

John Willetts and Martin Jones ready for a driver change.

Two of Smestow Patterns team changing driver.

The Smestow Patterns team ready to race.

After two and a half hours, the third place team, Vanguard 2.
Left to right: Keiran Willetts, Jeff Burgwin, Brian Higgins, Barry Brittle and Andy Clayton.

Second place went to customers J J Churchill

The glorious first place team Vanguard 1 from left to right, John Willetts, Dave Howell, Martin Jones, Brian Higgins and Captain Terry Jeavons.

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