Six Sigma Training Continues. 5-11-2013

Earlier this year Rob Heyworth became the third Six Sigma trained member of staff. Rob’s project investigated the production issues/delays associated with new product introduction (NPI). Once identified the issues were dealt with and the process route streamlined to allow Vanguard to efficiently turn enquiries into castings.

Over the last five years Vanguard has been making time to allow staff to become six sigma trained the photograph above shows Lee Shepherd Technical and Manufacturing Director on the right, whose project was the reduction of internal scrap, HWS. Chris Mintern MD seated, Chris was the first of our Six Sigma trained staff and succeeded in reducing rejects at our machinists and customers. Rob Heyworth our Process Engineer is on the left.

Each project has led to a better understanding of our internal processes with a realignment of controls, increased capacity and on time delivery scores. ‘By embracing the Six Sigma principals we believe we have put Vanguard in a strong position for the future and it has made the introduction of Compacted Graphite and Stainless Steels a much easier task’ Chris Mintern.

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Two Retirements and a Wedding. 27-07-13

Catching up on news in past few months we have had two employees retire and one of the girls out of our general office get married. The first of the retirements was John Webb who retired after working for us for seven years in the pattern shop (so not really working). In the photo below Martin Jones Vanguard’s Quality Manager is presenting John with a retirement present on behalf of the foundry personnel.

Following on from John Webb’s retirement, on 12-07-13 John Neale out of our maintenance department finally hung up his spanners. John has spent his whole working life fixing foundry plant so deserves a bit of a rest. John was presented with a gold watch from Lee Shepherd Technical and Manufacturing Director.

And finally Karen Cunningham out of our general office married Dale Smith on Saturday 27-07-13 in the photographs below Karen is being presented with a wedding present and a cheque by Judy Dimmock the Office Manager. In the second photo the other girls in the office are seen offering their support prior to a celebratory meal and a good session in the pub.

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